It all started on a porch in 2015....

​Bobby Williams, CEO & President

Our Story

"2009 I gave my life to Jesus, in doing that I realized the church was not doing its job. So I went on a mission to bring the love of God to people who has never experienced it.. My goal was and still is to bless people, even the ones that think they don't deserve it. Thanks for the support that makes it all possible!"

The Freedom Tour started on a porch back in 2015. Even back then they would feed everyone who came. Large dinners, bible studies, healings, events, you name it. They weren't in 4 walls at all, so they went out on the streets just like they still do today and bless people with everything that they had. The scale of meeting needs has grown from 100s of people to now almost 30.000 people and growing every day. God and our partners have helped grow our ministry exponentially to where we are now helping more than we ever thought we could.

We have provided disaster relief to victims of Hurricane Michael bringing food, water, generators, and assisting in the rescue if needed. We've also assisted in Hurricane Dorian in The Bahamas, Hurricane Irma, tornados in Tennessee and Alabama, and have enough food and supplies for as many storms that hit us in 2021 and beyond.