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It's time to be the light in a darkened world

The church is a place where people come to find peace and love in their lives. The church is also a place where people come to find hope, purpose and joy. It’s not just the building or the organization that makes the church, but it’s the community of believers who are working together to bless others, we are blessed to be a blessing.

This event was to bless the community and to show them that we care. There were 1,250 people that came and were blessed with free resources and supplies. It has impacted the lives of many people, young and old.

This outreach was not only about providing resources to those who need them but also about connecting with the community and building it up together. This is what being the light looks like.

We want to give a BIG THANK YOU to all the Local business that took part to help build this community.

  • American Red Cross

  • Junior League WH

  • PCSB Recruiting

  • WIC

  • Kids Pack

  • Explorations

  • Tassel PCSB

  • Hot Shot Bling

  • Radical Agape Productions

  • Circle of Friends

  • Caver

  • Amerilife

  • Ginxsea Food

  • Family Health Care

  • Polk County Farmworkers

  • Devoted

  • EPAC

  • Mulberry Community

  • Powur

  • Polk State College

  • Bartow Ford

  • United Way

  • Polk Schools Bus

  • Central FL Healthcare

  • Polk County Sheriff

  • Health Deptartment

  • Topsy’s Food Truck

  • The Freedom Tour

  • Lake Wales Police Department

  • Haven Benches

Businesses and volunteers united to build a stronger community in which we are the church. Another HUGE SHOUTOUT to all the volunteers that came out to help support this outreach.

Stay connected with us through our facebook page for updates on new events and outreaches. You are all awesome and amazing.

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