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Lake Wales Food Ministry Impact in 2023 So Far

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

What a beautiful year for Freedom and we're just getting started. We saw amazing things happen around here. We'd love to update you on some highlights on our impact to our community. We are blessed to be a blessing to Polk County & beyond.

Current 2023 Numbers:

  • Food Bags: 4,189

  • Kidspacks: 9,427

  • Hot Meals: 770

  • Hygiene: 629,791

  • Household: 60,511

  • Food: 1.2 Million

  • Total Pounds: 2.1 Million

  • Total Outreaches: 156

In 2022 we did:

  • Over 43 million dollars of product distributed

  • 14.9 Million pounds of food

  • 300,000+ families and individuals given product

  • Worked with over 40 Ministries

  • 1,000+ Outreaches


1) The Lakeland Shooting

A mass shooting in Lakeland, FL injured 11 people and caused lots of fear in the area. We decided to go near the neighboorhood and set up a food giveaway to be the light to the community. These people needed hope and we brought it to them.

2) Hurricane Relief in Ft Myers Continues in 2023

Fort Myers is still recovering from Hurricane Ian believe it or not. Disaster relief is a long term effort that takes time to rebuild. We stepped in to help our friend, Irina with Third Wave Volunteers & Buttonwood Distribution Center.

3) A Massive Cleaning Supply Giveaway in Lake Wales

A huge hand sanitizer & wipe giveaway in our parking lot in mid January we did. People lined up to get thier cars loaded with supplies! One man even came with a trailer, and we packed them down! Our volunteers braved the cold and worked extra hard to serve everyone!

We have a lot of amazing annoucements, events, and more people to impact in 2023!

Thank you for your support!

If you would like to support us financially, click on the following links to be directed:

If you are in need of food, please visit:

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