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Bringing Light to Lakeland

SaddleCreek Outreach

Nestled in Lakeland, Florida is a state park that is full of lost and shattered lives. These lives are hungry and searching for purpose in life. Today marks our third week of being the light in this darkened area. Each week, more and more lives are being transformed by the power of the gospel. We have seen miraculous healings happen and lives to turn around for the good. We are excited to come back again to speak life into that one person. This week, it was filled with so much excitement.

A former gang leader came up to the microphone and shared his story tonight. Come to find out, he grew up in this area and knew how bad this area really is. His heart is sold out for Jesus and wants to change those lives around to see the goodness of our father.

This man of God is on fire and has a true heart of gold.

We go around Saddle Creek and other areas of Lakeland to be the light to the community. Our friends at Combee Connection have a church in Lakeland that help local homeless and hurting, and we love sharing the blessings with them so they can bless others.

Thank you all who came out to volunteer and to be that willing vessel. Because of you, another life is forever changed. Be sure to keep up to date by following our Facebook page. There is a lot of exciting and new things happening at The Freedom Tour; stay tuned in. God bless.

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