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Tell Every Trucker You Know About THIS!

Are you a trucker or know one?

Tell them about the new website we just launched

Most rejected loads go to the landfill, so instead let's use them to make an impact in your community! Every product that is donated to local food banks impacts a life, and we want to make sure everyone in need has food and no-load goes to waste.

We accept every type of load including frozen foods, dairy products, produce, non-food items, and more! No load is rejected from our facilities.

We have multiple facilities with over warehouses, electric pallet jacks, and manpower to unload, so you can be sure to have a quick unload when you drop off somewhere.

Florida and Southeastern US food banks are standing by right now to take your load anytime.

Even if they dont have a load right now, feel free to connect with us on social media or save our number when you do have a load ready to bring in.

Save Our Number In Your Phone

"RejectedLoadsSouthEast" 863-300-2600

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