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Woman freed of addiction in the middle of a pandemic

KayLene Gray, a home cleaner based out of Lake Wales grew up in church. All of her family lives on the same road and owns a bee farm, "Struthers Honey". Living in a tight-knit community, they also all went to church together. Her grandma, and her now-deceased Mom, both were raised Christian and in the same belief, pray the prayer, and follow Jesus. KayLene always thought that she was a good person, did good things, and was nice to people, but deep down, she was actually hiding a deep dark secret from all her family and friends.

She sat down with us and told us all about her testimony about how God changed her life in the midst of her desperation. How she hid her pain and thought she was a Christian, but in reality, she was living in darkness, without the true knowledge of the gospel. Freedom from EVERYTHING!

If you are struggling with addiction right now, the only answer is JESUS!

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